New York (NY) Pharmacy Technician Information

There are some important things for you to know, and steps for you to take, if you are pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician. If you want to be successful, it is important to understand the process and to take the rules and regulations into consideration.

Are Pharmacy Technicians Regulated in New York?

No, pharmacy technicians are not currently regulated in New York, but that may change in the near future. The New York State Office of the Professions is currently discussing this issue.

Is Certification Required in New York to Practice as a Pharmacy Technician?

No, but there may be some employers with larger companies that might require certification. It would be wise of anyone pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician to get ExCPT certified. The ExCPT certification provides national recognition of your knowledge and skills and is a great asset to have, giving you a better chance of gaining employment.

If interested in becoming certified, you can get certified in just 6 weeks at the Manhattan Institute, NY. They offer day, evening and weekend classes at affordable rates, with the option to pay as you go. All students receive a diploma and life time placement advisement upon graduation.

Address: 255 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, USA

What are Registration Dates?

Registration is not required.

Is a License Required?

No, a license is not required.

The New York State Board of Pharmacy Information

Lawrence H. Mokhiber
Executive Secretary
State Education Building
89 Washington Avenue, Room 201
Albany, NY 12234
Telephone: (518) 474-3817 ext. 130
Fax: (518) 473-6995
Website: Email:

Are There Any Professional Associations?

The New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists, and they can be reached at

What are the Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Technician in New York?

  • 1. You must be hired as a pharmacy technician by a retail or hospital pharmacy.
  • 2. Each employer will determine job requirements and qualifications for pharmacy technicians. It would be beneficial to anyone pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician to get as much information as possible from potential employers about the job skills and experience they require.
  • 3. Many employers require high school level education at a minimum. Some prefer you to have an associate’s degree or a certificate of completion from a pharmacy technician training program.

Will There be Training Required?

The pharmacist in charge will be responsible for the training.

Are There Requirements for Continuing Education (CE)?

No, there are not any requirements for continuing education, but if you are nationally certified you will have to meet those requirements to stay certified. Maintaining your certification requires 20 units of continuing education every 2 years, including at least one hour of pharmacy law.

When Is Renewal Required?

Renewal is not currently required.

Additional Information about Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in New York

  • 4. The pharmacist in charge is responsible for all of the pharmacy technicians’ actions.
  • 5. The pharmacist in charge may supervise up to 2 pharmacy technicians at one time.
  • 6. A pharmacy technician may only perform pharmacy functions that do not require any professional judgment.

Although certification is not required in the state of New York, you will have a much better chance of gaining employment if certified, as well as obtaining the necessary knowledge to be successful in your career.

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