South Dakota (SD) Pharmacy Technician

There are some important things for you to know, and steps for you to take, if you are pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician. If you want to be successful, it is important to understand the process and to take the rules and regulations into consideration.

Are Pharmacy Technicians Regulated In South Dakota?

Yes they are regulated.

Is Certification Required In South Dakota To Practice As A Pharmacy Technician?

No, certification is not required.

Which Of the Certification Exams Are Approved By South Dakota?

There are no certification exams approved by South Dakota.

What Are the Registration Dates?

It is important that you register within 30 days of the start of your employment. If you are a technician in training, you must register before you can start any onsite training.

Is A License Required?

Yes a license is required.

The South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy Information

Office: 3701 West 49th Street, Suite 204
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Phone: 605-362-2737

Are There Any Professional Associations?

The South Dakota Pharmacists Association, they can be reached at

What Are the Requirements To Get Licensed?

  • 1. You should be employed as a pharmacy technician and get registered within the first month of beginning your employment.
  • 2. Or you may also register and be in a technician in training program.
  • 3. With your $25 non refundable application fee included, you should request registration with the South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy by submitting a written application. You can download the application from their website at

Will Training Be Required?

Yes, the supervising pharmacist (pharmacist in charge) at your place of employment will be responsible for all of the training.

Are There Any Requirements For Continuing Education (CE)?

No, there are no requirements for continuing education.

When Will Renewal Be Required?

Renewal is required annually. Registrations expire on October 31st every year. The cost for renewal is $25. Usually, you can expect to receive your renewal application one month before the expiration.

What If I Relocate or I Change Employers?

If you move or change jobs, it is your responsibility to report these changes. These changes should be reported within 10 days, in writing, to the State Board of Pharmacy.

Additional Information about Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in South Dakota:

    • 4. Pharmacy technicians must wear name tags that identify themselves as a technician at all times during each shift.
    • 5. A pharmacy technician may only perform pharmacy tasks that do not require any professional judgment.
    • 6. The pharmacist in charge is responsible for all of the pharmacy technician’s actions.
    • 7. The pharmacist in charge may supervise up to 2 pharmacy technicians at a time. Unless in a mail service pharmacy, where the pharmacist in charge may supervise 4 technicians, as long as 2 of them are certified.

In South Dakota, you won’t have to worry about too much competition if pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician. According to the recent figures that were released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 1.240 pharmacy technicians in the state. The number of pharmacy technicians is very small for the state, but this will change based on the overall job growth percentage of 32 percent, which guarantees that there will be more applicants as well as professionals in the next decade.

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